Visit St. Pete/Clearwater (VSPC) can help you get the word out about your business from advertising partnership opportunities to publications and digital marketing. Our team can aid in increasing the number of visitors to the area through various online marketing initiatives including website creation, customized landing pages designed to infom and engage potential visitors, targeted electronic newsletters and other communications to build awareness and loyalty, joint online marketing programs with industry partners and creating other online initiatives as needed.

GULF TO BAY Destination Magazine

For the eighth year, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater has partnered with the Tampa Bay Times to redefine the very concept of a luxury, printed destination magazine. Its unprecedented distribution reaches a global audience; and with an unexpected design, beautiful photography and oversized format, Gulf to Bay has won 8 awards since its inception from the Florida Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives. 

View our 2020 Gulf to Bay Media Kit here. Ad sales close September 2019. 

Co-operative Advertising Program

Our annual co-operative advertising program submission day is typically held in November each year.

There are still program opportunities available. If you are interested, please contact Katie Bridges, Senior Advertising Manager: [email protected] for the current program availability. 

Monthly VSPC Consumer Email

Every month, subscribers are inspired with rich stories showcasing what to see and do in St. Pete/Clearwater.

Partners are showcased in a native-format, integrated into the content.

VSPC Welcome Email

Position your business as a leader and reach our highly engaged database as the ONLY placement in our welcome email that is sent to every potential visitor immediately after they sign up to receive our email newsletter. View the VSPC Welcome Email rate card.

VSPC Destination Magazine Confirmation Email

Promote your business to a potential visitor who just ordered the Gulf to Bay Destination Magazine, and help kick start their trip planning process.

Your business will be the ONLY placement within our Destination Magazine Confirmation Email that is sent out after a visitor requests a magazine. View the VSPC Destination Magazine Confirmation Email rate card.

VSPC Dedicated Email

Reach our highly engaged database with 100% share of voice, driving all clicks to your site. View the VSPC Dedicated Email rate card.

Consumer Email

VSPC regularly partners with leading industry e-news publications to reach their targeted audiences interested in traveling to the area. These email blasts are a highly effective way to reach our desired audience and target highly responsive users who have opted in to receive advertising messages, travel tips and deals. Currently, we partner with: 

Consumer Print

St. Pete/Clearwater partners who participate in this program will have their materials integrated within the destination creative to form a cohesive brand message. Currently, we partner with:

  • Co-Op Opportunity: 2021 VISIT FLORIDA Official Florida Vacation Guide

Display & Contextual Ads

Target a highly qualified audience with low minimum entry on this premium travel site. The campaign allows you to advertise at the most influential time of the travel-planning life cycle to reach a consumer planning their trip to St. Pete/Clearwater. Currently, we partner with:

Display Ads

Target a highly qualified audience with low minimum entry on this premium online travel agency. Banner ads will be targeting to users who have previously searched for flights to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport and Tampa International Airport. Currently, we partner with:

Display & Native Ads

Target a highly qualified audience with low minimum entry with this premier travel-specific programmatic partner. Ads will target users across the web who are identified as being real-time travel intenders to St. Pete/Clearwater and competitive destinations. Currently, we partner with: 

Meeting Display Ads

Target meeting planners and other key business decision makers via a low-cost programmatic display campaign. Ads will target consumers who Digilant identifies as meeting planners through a sophisticated mix of targeting technologies and strategies. Currently, we partner with: 

  • Co-Op Opportunity: Digilant. View the VSPC Digilant Ad rate card.

Social Media/Facebook Advertising

Partner with Visit St. Pete/Clearwater to promote your deal, event, or brand to our highly qualified and engaged audience on Facebook. This is a great opportunity for short-term or last minute needs. Currently this is offered with: 

  • Co-Op Opportunity: Facebook

View our 2020 Cooperative Advertising Program and if you are interested or want to learn more about our advertising opportunities, contact: [email protected].