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Executive Staff

Steve Hayes, President/CEO
email: Steve Hayes

Stacy O'Donnell, Executive Administrative Assistant
email: Stacy O'Donnell

Administrative Staff

Teri Tuxhorn, Administrative Director
email: Teri Tuxhorn

Maria Hargrett, Accounting & Contracts Manager
email: Maria Hargrett

Melissa Magelnicki, Accountant 1
email: Melissa Magelnicki

Octavia Johnson, Accounting & Finance Technician
email: Octavia Johnson

Bob Taft, Accounting & Finance Technician
email: Bob Taft

Advertising & Promotions Staff

Katie Bridges, Senior Advertising Manager
email: Katie Bridges

Marcus Oania, Creative Manager
email: Marcus Oania

Kiki Russell, Advertising Assistant
email: Kiki Russell

Roxie Hannah, Warehouse & Shipping Specialist
email: Roxie Hannah

Digital Marketing & Communications Staff

Ray Presley, CRM Administrator
email: Ray Presley

Tracey Nix, Project Coordinator
email: Tracey Nix

Jimmy Fashner, Interactive Content Specialist
email: Jimmy Fashner

Eddie Kirsch, Digital Producer
email: Eddie Kirsch

Community & Brand Engagement Staff

Craig Campbell, Director
email: Craig Campbell

Brandee Bolden, Senior Brand Manager 
email: Brandee Bolden

Jake Hermann, Brand Manager 
email: Jake Hermann

Sierra Arana, Brand Manager
email: Andrea Perla

Film Commission Staff

Lisa Dozois, Film Commission Manager
email: Lisa Dozois

Declan Flynn, Digital Creative Producer
email: Declan Flynn

Leisure Travel Staff

Rosemarie Payne, Director, Leisure Travel
email: Rosemarie Payne

Gail Shreves Yeager, Leisure Travel Sr. Sales Manager
email: Gail Shreves Yeager

Darryl Boggess, Leisure Travel Sales Manager
email: Darryl Boggess

Meetings & Conventions Staff

Hortensia Simmons, Sr. Meetings & Conventions Sales Manager
email: Hortensia Simmons

Jill Brown, Meetings & Conventions Sales Manager
email: Jill Brown

Tina Berrien, Meetings & Conventions Sales Manager
email: Tina Berrien

Brian Hilterbrandt, Conventions Sales Manager
email: Brian Hilterbrandt

Liz Dane, Meetings & Conventions, Mid-Atlantic
email: Liz Dane

Renee Prine, Convention Services Manager
email: Renee Prine

Kayla Freeman, Meeting & Conventions Sales Manager
email: Kayla Freeman

Latin American Sales Staff

Andrea Gabel, Senior Sales Manager, Latin America
email: Andrea Gabel

Jose Ramirez, Sales Manager, Mexico
email: Jose Ramirez 

Liz McCann, Latin America Sales & Service Manager
email: Liz McCann

Sports & Events Staff

Craig Campbell, Interim Director
email: Craig Campbell

Caleb Peterson, Business Development Manager
email: Caleb Peterson

Julie Bolfa, Business Development Manager
email: Julie Bolfa 

Mariah Kaylor, Sports Business Manager
email: Mariah Kaylor 

Andrea Perla, Business Development Manager
email: Andrea Perla