Tourism is the Economic Life-Blood in Pinellas County

Tourism impacts every aspect of our community. With an annual economic impact of more than $10.3 billion, its revenue is vital to the success of our businesses. In fiscal year 2017, St. Pete/Clearwater was the leading destination on the Gulf Coast in the U.S., drawing more than 6.5 million overnight visitors to the area.

There is great value in visitors telling their friends and family about St. Pete/Clearwater. It generates billions of dollars in revenue that is the driving force of our economy. Pinellas County has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past several years with annual increases in bed tax collections each calendar year since 2011.

Tourism contributes $328 to our local economy every second of every day.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why Florida has no income tax?

It’s because of tourism. Specifically in Pinellas County, where tourism is the No. 1 employer, residents actually save $740 a year on local taxes. This is thanks to the money tourists pump into the economy daily by staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants and exploring our attractions. It’s very likely one of your neighbors or friends is employed by tourism as it employs 1 in every 10 people in St. Pete/Clearwater.

Beyond saving residents money and providing jobs, tourism’s economic footprint directly supports the vibrant communities we call home including facilities, services and infrastructures enjoyed by residents year-round.

National Travel & Tourism Week

National Travel & Tourism Week is an annual tradition for the U.S. travel community. It’s a time when travel and tourism professionals across the country unite to celebrate the value travel holds for our economy, businesses and personal well-being.

Watch our video before National Travel & tourism Week 2018 as we shared several key statistics and promoted how critical tourism is to our economy. 

How We Drive Visitation in Pinellas County

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater is tasked with positioning the brand on a potent human value that matches the brand usage experience and fits with current and prospective consumer values. This allows the team's resources that showcase the destination to become the antidote for what people feel is missing in their lives.

Our Vibrancy Brand Platform is purpose-built to connect with visitors on a deeper, emotional level. With that foundation, we will continue to focus on delivering:

  • An energetic, compelling campaign with a youthful, inspiring voice

  • A “big idea” that can smoothly transition to different business units, applications, audiences, etc. 

Local business owners, tour operators and tourism partners can benefit from the creative services and invaluable assets made accessible through Visit St. Pete/Clearwater. To learn more about taking advantage of our available business promotion tools and platforms, please contact us.

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102,000 people employed by tourism in St. Pete/Clearwater.

Nationally, one in every nine American jobs depends on travel.

Florida is one of only seven states without an income tax. Why? Tourism.

$10 billion in local economic impact generated annually by visitors.