Arrivalist uses its proprietary and time-tested methodology to distill mobile location data to provide truly actionable consumer insights. Arrivalist focuses on the consumer’s entire journey to understand where visitors to St. Pete/Clearwater come from, what airports they use and where they go once they land or arrive in our sunny region. This tool provides easy access to data that can be used for modeling and forecasting visitor movement across the St. Pete/Clearwater area, points of interest and audience insights. The information is sourced from mobile devices, creating a geographically representative panel of the United States population with a location accuracy of 30 feet on average. 

Arrivalist Report

Arrivalist Reports are issued on the 28th of the month, one month behind due to processing time (the March report is available on April 28). The most current monthly report is always displayed below by default. Past monthly reports are available by choosing the month and year.