A How-To Guide for Safer Operations

Ideas & Resources 

Our team at Visit St. Pete/Clearwater has compiled a list of suggestions on how to welcome visitors responsibly while also safeguarding employees during Covid-19. This information has been compiled after reviewing changes that businesses across the U.S. are making to adapt to the pandemic. We know that not all of these changes or modifications are achievable for every business, but seeing what other businesses are doing can help us understand what might be possible or necessary. 

  • U.S. Travel prepared "Travel in the New Normal," an industry guidance to promote the health and safety of travelers. 
  • Back To Work Safely provides expert, industry-specific guidance for both businesses and consumers to safely re-open and re-engage after COVID-19 quarantines.

Safer Operations for All Business Categories

Read suggestions useful to all businesses about safety signage, contactless payment, physical distancing and more.

Guidelines to Reopen

Safety Recommendations for Restaurants and Bars

In addition to the suggestions for all business categories, above, restaurant-specific recommendations have been developed along with the Streetsense Relaunch Toolkit

Guidelines to Reopen

Safety Recommendations for Hotel & Lodging Partners

New standards of cleaning, check-in, laundry services are being utilized in many places. We've compiled a list of recommendations and resources to guide you. 

Guidelines to Reopen

Re-Opening Guide for Events & Meetings

An event safety alliance re-opening guide to help event professionals who are planning to re-open during COVID-19. 

View Reopening Guide