Industry Update

May 31, 2019

Dive In To St. Pete/Clearwater's New Water-Centric Content Experience

St. Pete/Clearwater’s warm Gulf waters are a way of life, and it’s now even easier to find inspiration with VSPC’s newest content experience, Divided into four unique paths – Wade In, Make Waves, Cast Your Line, and Plunge In – the interactive content experience showcases the many ways to dive deep into the sights and sounds of the destination and explore the water, from soaking in the shoreline, boating, deep-sea fishing and much more!

Are We Headed for a July Travel Recession? MMGY Global Shares Industry Insights

With 100-plus straight months of travel expansion in the U.S., it’s easy to be optimistic about what’s ahead. Despite the positive factors, MMGY Global’s CEO, Clayton Reid, believes a slowdown is on the horizon. Learn more about the indicators, and how this can create opportunities for proactive travel marketers HERE.

SMITHSONIANMAG.COM: With a Little Help From A.I., the Dali Museum Brings the Famed Surrealist to Life

On the 115th anniversary of Salvador Dali’s birth, The Dali Museum unveiled “Dali Lives” – a groundbreaking experience to celebrate his art and legacy. Museumgoers can now interact with AI-generated versions of the famous surrealist, and even snag a selfie as a souvenir. Read more about the interactive exhibit.

VSPC Launches Social-First Episodic Video Series

With the continued growth of video consumption on social media (hint: it’s not going away anytime soon),  VSPC has launched its first-ever social-first episodic video series to tell the bold and vibrant stories that are woven into St. Pete/Clearwater. The series’ creatively highlights culinary (Indulge In, Savor This and Mobile Kitchen) events (SPC Events) and the latest/greatest (Best Ever SPC) in an effort to inspire visitors to book their next trip. Follow along the fun on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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