PIE Airport COVID-19 Action Plan

St. Pete-Clearwater International has released their Action Plan as of May 1, 2020. This page will continue to be updated with any Action Plan updates as they are received. Visit Fly2Pie to view the media release and action plan in its entirety.

In preparation for the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) is implementing best practices for safety and economic recovery.

To instill the highest level of confidence that PIE is a safe, clean, and secure airport for our passengers, employees, and tenants, the PIE COVID-19 Action Plan will be in effect until further notice.

Safe and Clean Facilities for our Team and Travelers

Airport Cleaning & Sanitation Protocols

Continue precautionary steps in response to the spread of COVID-19, including increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

  • Total sanitizing of all surfaces; increased intensity and frequency of disinfecting hard surfaces and high-touch areas throughout the airport
  • Increased cleaning efforts in the restrooms and other public areas
  • Assuring public restrooms are supplied with soap and towels
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations Installed throughout the airport
  • Sanitize the entire airport monthly with Clorox 360 or similar product

Guest Sanitization Stations

Provide hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant hand wipes at sanitizing stations at specific locations at airport to include:

  • Airline Check-in Line Entry: Ticketing A and Ticketing B
  • TSA Screening Exit at bin pick-up areas
  • Gate entry to aircraft
  • Bag Claim between bag belts
  • At Visitor Info booth
  • Various high traffic areas including terminal areas near food/beverage and news/gifts concessions, and rental car companies of interest

Enable Social Distancing and Protective Actions

TSA Security Checkpoint Queues

  • Floor decals placed every 6 feet in passenger queuing areas
  • Install plexiglass dividers at the TSA Check Station/Podium

Ticket Counters

  • Floor decals placed every 6 feet in passenger queuing areas
  • Install plexiglass dividers in front of each work station

Face Coverings at the Airport

  • Airport employees will wear face coverings in public areas and non-public areas where maintaining 6-foot separation is not possible
  • Terminal tenants are expected to wear face coverings in public and nonpublic areas where maintaining 6-foot separation is not possible
  • Encourage passengers to wear face coverings while at the Airport

Gate Hold Areas

  • Select seating in gate areas will be blocked by decals to provide ample space between seats and between rows
  • Promote social distancing with public messaging and signage

Baggage Claim

  • Spread flights out among baggage claim belts when feasible


  • Follow CDC and DOH guidelines

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

  • Signage informing arriving passengers to maintain social distancing for the CBP Officer

Parking Facilities

  • Long-term parking is open for passengers and customers
  • Economy lots are closed and parking lot shuttles have been discontinued until further notice
  • Employee parking lot is open within walking distance of terminal
  • Short-term parking to reopen for airport guests with no overnight parking (date pending)
  • Ground Transportation lot is open for taxis, hotel, and off-site rental care shuttles

Meeters-and-Greeters in the Main Terminal

  • Encourage meeters and greeters to not enter the Terminal with exception of individuals escorting unaccompanied minors or special needs passengers
  • Encourage use of the Cell Phone Waiting Lot for curbside pick-up or Short-term parking loge (when reopened) to wait for passengers

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